Ramamohan Pai

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

I was born and brought up in tropical India in a relatively small town of Mangalore, in the South. I now reside in the Mid West in the city of Milwaukee, WI.

I took a fascination for nature right from my childhood, with flora and fauna all around me. A camera however was beyond reach in childhood and adolescence and it was not until I started working that I invested in a small point-and-shoot camera and slowly graduated into a film and later on digital SLRs. I am a self-taught photographer with no formal training.

Attention to detail was something innate in me and progression into macro and close-up photography was natural. Colors, textures and forms move me beyond anything and as I matured in photography, I started focusing on flora as a specialty. I do shoot insects when I get an opportunity, as they are pretty complementary to flora. All my photography happens in the field and none indoors.

Later on the photography of Michael Brown influenced me in a very big way and I started focusing on the abstract nature of flowers. Their colors, textures and forms make them extremely suitable for abstracts and they continue to be my main area of focus. NPN also contributed to my growth in photography in no small measure and I continue to learn from the fine and helpful photographers there.

Photography is strictly a hobby for me as I manage supply chain for a large US Multinational Company and devote my weekends to photography, which provides the perfect outlet for my creative endeavors.