Giuseppe Guadagno

Rimini, Italy
Some years ago (well, much more than some) I began photographing people on the streets, in B/W, with my beloved Leica. I abandoned photography the day after I was pursued by a grandfather with his walking stick because I took a photo of his little grandson; but also because the work was stealing all my time. I came back to photography twelve years ago. I switched to digital and color with Nikon. The category was already written in my genes since three generations: my great-grandfather wrote botanical books, my grandfather made a collection of dried flowers for exhibition in a museum and I am now shooting and collecting floral photos in my computer. Photography is a hobby for me. All my photos are taken in the field, I don’t use flash; my idea is that the beauty of the nature and the creative power of the continuously changing light are all that I need.
I live in Italy, in Rimini, a seaside resort on the Adriatic coast and most of my photos are taken there.
My gears: at the present moment I work with a Nikon D800; two lenses: Nikkor 105 mm and 200 mm both macro; a Gizo tripod, a polarizer filter.
I appreciate very much the mission of Mystical Garden, its project and activities in favor of persons in need of help.