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Created 8-Mar-14
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Come and explore the Mystical Garden where you will treated with vision beyond the visible spectrum. To see the unseen.
The images in this gallery are collaborative works of award winning digital artist and radiologist Dr Kai-hung Fung and Gary Yeoh. The compositional materials were combinations of CT scans, plain X-ray and visible light photography put together to delight your visual senses and stimulate your imagination. We are thrilled to include Geranium, a contribution by our guest artist Ramamohan Pai in our exhibition.
Amaryllis IAmaryllis IIStargazer LilyCosmic LilyLeucodendron starLeucodendronLeucodendronDancing on lollipopsLotus flowerLotus leafLotus seed podsMoire lotusButterflies (Phalaenopsis orchid)Arborescence (Pine)Sunshine (Protea)Whales lobtailing at sunrise (Protea)Stellar teaselTeaselTeasel abstractMoth pupa

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