Dr Gary Yeoh

Hong Kong, China


Artist Statement


As a pathologist, I am often privy to sights down my microscope that few have the opportunity to experience.  To broaden this unseen microcosm, my photographic vision is to present a different perspective on nature and everyday objects to challenge peoples' perception of things considered ordinary. It gives me pleasure to share the incredible intricate detail of forms and colour of small creatures, the myriad of different life forms that are not appreciated to the naked eye, the miraculous transformation of metamorphosis, the interconnectedness of flora and fauna, the celebration of life and the raw reality of death.  Beyond the range of the visible light spectrum, I have exposed the hidden beauty in flowers and nature through x-ray techniques.  In collaboration with my colleague, Dr Fung Kai-hung, we have pushed the boundaries further to bring viewers a new vision of the world through 3D reconstruction, object perspective view and abstraction.  These creative digital artwork transcend the simple photographic documentation of ordinary nature objects from which they are derived. We are grateful to many individuals and organisations who have generously supported us in creating this art and we are committed to returning this generosity by donating the proceeds of our artwork to charity.


Artist Biography

Since rekindling my interest in photography several years ago, my images have engaged many viewers.  My photographs have won several local and international awards including the Editor's Pick Award for Floral photography in 2011 and 2nd honorary mention in 2010 for the Nature Photographers Network online magazine as well as being featured as on the cover of the same for September 2011.  I was also invited and am currently a moderator of the Nature Photographers Network.  My works were also exhibited in a gallery entitled "Floragraphy – Inner Essences of Flowers" at the Grotto Gallery in September and October 2012.  My photographs have been published in the South China Morning Post, the 2012 and 2013 calendars of the Hong Kong Gardening Society and brochures and wall hangings at the Hong Kong Breast Cancer Foundation.