Artist’s statement by Dr. Kai-hung Fung (Hong Kong, China)

(Last updated 25 May 2014)


Although we are medical professionals, both Gary and I show keen interest in Nature and we regularly visited parks and gardens in Hong Kong as amateur nature photographers.

This “Mystical Garden” project that we jointly developed is an attempt to chronicle the exotic, the rare, the unbelievable, the ephemeral, the secretive and the aesthetically stimulating side of nature not readily visible to the naked eyes. We employed sophisticated technologies including macro- and high speed photography, macro X-ray radiography, CT scanning, micro-CT scanning and software manipulation such as photo collage and advance 3D visualization of digital imaging data. In addition, we incorporate virtual reality cinematic display and stereoscopic display as means of delivery of our visual information. As a project that engages the intersection of art & science, we try to bring out the aesthetic elements and the beauty bestowed in Nature yet embracing the scientific nature of its content. Majority of the subjects are taken in gardens and parks commonly found in Hong Kong.

This portal opens the door to a most exciting and unbelievable visual journey which we hope to share with you.


Brief biography of Dr. Kai-hung Fung

Dr. Kai-hung Fung is well known internationally as an artist working at the intersection of art & science who turns digital medical imaging data into fine art using his self developed 3D visualization algorithm. Dr. Fung pioneers the “Rainbow Technique”, a new color art concept to represent 3D objects. He also pioneers color 3D & 4D Moiré art, as an extension of his “Rainbow Technique”. Both these innovative art concepts have been published in LEONARDO, the official journal of the International Society for the Arts, Sciences & Technology, in 2006 and 2010 respectively. Dr. Fung is also a stereoscopic digital artist. He has launched stereoscopic exhibitions of his artworks in the Hong Kong Museum of Art, the Hong Kong Museum of Medical Sciences and the Strathmore Art Museum in 2008, 2011 and 2014 respectively.

Dr. Fung was the first place winner in the 5th International Science & Engineering Visualization Challenge 2007 organized by Science journal and National Science Foundation. His award winning piece entitled “What Lies Behind Our Nose?” was named “Best Science Photos of 2007” and “Top Ten News Photo Galleries 2007” by National Geographic and “Most Psychedelic Images in Science” by Discover in 2010. He received an honorary mention award in the 10th International Science & Engineering Visualization Challenge 2012 organized by Science journal and National Science Foundation. His stereoscopic nature photography won the OCC Medal (Next Best Electronic) of the 2011 Oakland International Exhibition of stereo photography. Dr. Fung was awarded the honor of “Outstanding ICT Achiever Award” in 2012 by the Hong Kong Computer Society.

Dr. Fung’s artworks have been exhibited in a number of international museums and widely reported in radiology, science and art journals, magazines, news media and on the Internet. Exclusive on-line galleries can be found in National Science Foundation, New Scientist, Daily Mail, Telegraph, El Mundo Salud, BBC Brazil, RadioGraphics etc.