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Created 14-Feb-13
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These images are collaborative efforts with award winning digital artist and radiologist Dr Kai-Hung Fung. The images are created using a high speed helical CT scanner of flowers and flora subjects followed by 3D reconstruction and color rendering using the rainbow technique invented by Dr Fung. Using this techniques, it is possible to create point of views from within the flower which would not be possible with any other methods of imaging.
(Stargazer Lily)Clarity (Calla lillies)Crystal shards (Leucadendron)Galactica (Stargazer Lily)Multipoint Star (Leucadendron)Simmering Goblet (Water lily)Sterols (Pine branch and cone)Super Mario (mushroom)Tethered (Phalaenopsis)To infinity and back (ornamental bamboo)Worm hole (Teasel)

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Keywords:3D reconstruction, Digital Art, Flowers, X-ray art