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Daniel & Loana(non-registered)
We know your stuninng photos from NPN. Different styles, different techiniques, but always great images.

Congratulations for this great project.

Tami W.(non-registered)
Hi Gary,
Wonderful work!
World is filled with beautiful things, and your images are fascinating.
Thank you so much for sharing.
Sylvia Midgett, Chairman, Hong Kong Gardening Society(non-registered)
According to a research conducted by the University of Denmark in 2012, As global environmental change accelerates, biodiversity losses can disrupt interspecific interactions. Extinctions of mutualist partners can create “widow” species, which may face reduced ecological fitness. Hypothetically, such mutualism disruptions could have cascading effects on biodiversity by causing additional species coextinctions. However, the scope of this problem – the magnitude of biodiversity that may lose mutualist partners and the consequences of these losses – remains unknown.

The Mystical Garden Project enables nature photographers to engage us to ponder a bit of what we are doing to Nature with their collective creative work.
Sylvia Midgett(non-registered)
Congratulations! Stunning images and taking your own work to new heights!
very cool site with interesting photos, I often looked here, greetings from the Valley River Barycz
Cool! Amazing! First time to see The Beauty of The Nature in another way, full of magic, just like entering A NEW WORLD, thanks for sharing!
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